I Thought

Video of the poem ‘I Thought’ by James Laurie filmed at ‘Food For Thoughts’ in the Cafe Rene Cellar Bar, Gloucester. We almost went for ‘Andrew’ as the new title for this poem, ‘Andrave’ was a close third however it was ‘Dave’ that won the day on the day. Ladies and Gentlemen, please be upstanding for ‘Dave’.


I Thought

I thought of you today, my friend
I thought of inviting you around
To read and write and to share a beer
A break away from that city life
A lifeline, a friend for me

I thought we might catch a band
Lean in close to make ourselves heard
I thought we could head back to mine
To talk some more about the day
I thought we’d converse until it was light
And the wine was gone and it was too late

I thought maybe you could share my bed
As friends, much more comfortable than the couch
I thought we might sleep naked
Just to be close, a human touch
And as you lay your head on my chest
And breath out the lie that masks your life
I thought you might stir as I stroked your back
And that secret place in the lee of your hip
We discovered last summer
And I thought you might look up at me
In the dawn light and
Lock your lips around mine
Just this one time

I thought we might make love
Gently in the night
As friends would
Until drifting off to sleep
Hoping morning would not come
And I hoped we would wake
Not regretting what we’d done.


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