New Year Message 2016

And in this moment, in the last few hours of 2015 before the brave new world of 2016 we desperately wait and scan Facebook and Twitter and channel hop on the TV, turning the dial on the radio desperate to find the message our leader, our guru, our hero, our parents might have sent telling us how well we have done, celebrating our achievements, acknowledging our deepest fears, soothing our despair and praising our fortitude and forward planning, preparing us for the New Year. And many of us will not find what we are desperately looking for and of those who don’t, we know that what we are looking for is inside us.

2015 has been a year that many will want to forget, that many will not want to dwell upon and those that hide away from this dying year may not hear the call. The call that what we are looking for will only come from ourselves and that which comes from ourselves for ourselves will also come from others and for others and we will not find what we are looking for until we offer what we have. The path is only ever one step away from us as, for our one step towards her, she will take ten steps towards us.

The call is upon us, we can hear it as a rumbling, raging torrent in the distance and those who are fetching and carrying from here to there and there to here and there to there may pause for a moment and remember their call and of those some may put down their stuff and follow the call to the river and there we may join together for the Journey to welcome in the New Year and find the message we so desperately searched for lying there under our own hands.

“We did good, welcome in 2016, we are ready for you.”