Pony Songs – Bo

‘Bo’ is a new song written this week, although the chorus was written a few weeks ago and had been lacking any decent verses to go around it. Even so, I’m not sure these verses go with this chorus either.

For a bit of fun I’ve run this through GarageBand to add a drum and percussion track on these two versions:

Strummed version:

Finger picked version:

The Street Where I Live – Part 2

It’s been an eventful week on Sheppard Street since my last post about the fly-tipping. I used the new Stoke-on-Trent City Council App to report the mounting pile of waste and I’m pleased to report the old flooring is gone, although the old mattress springs next to it still remain.

The pile of settee cushions, however, has been bolstered by the addition of a new mattress.





More news from this intrepid reporter next week!

Update – all the mattresses and sofa cushions have been collected, plus one to the SoT Council and their app.

Chamberlain Avenue

Something is afoot at the top of Chamberlain Avenue, a rash of laminated notices appeared suddenly on all the lock-up garages.


Eviction. Eviction to complement the planning application notice.

Chamberlain Avenue.jpg

Goodbye garages, hello houses. Not everyone received the news well though.


So, is this good news or bad news?

Good news for the social housing shortage, bad news for the trees and grass.


Good-bye trees.

Who puts their car in a lock-up garage these days anyway?


The Street Where I Live

Sometimes I don’t want to go outside, I don’t want to leave the quiet, calm sanctuary of our home, but needs must. The first task outside is always to pick up the rubbish from outside the house. I don’t know where it comes from, but it arrives in a tide washed and blown down the street. Rubbish on the pavement, rubbish in the gutter, rubbish on the oil-stained kerbstones.


Most of the time the street is chock full of cars, the rubbish strewn gutter hidden away under the hulks of metal.


Towards the top of the street is a green area. Nobody knows who it belongs to or what it is for. It never gets its grass cut and no-one uses it. It could be beautiful, it could be a community garden, an allotment or wildlife haven. Heaven forbid, it could also be used for parking, even that would be better than the rubbish dump it’s used for now.


We have a jitty through to Chamberlain Avenue from the top of the street, it’s great for pedestrians and the occasional fast-food delivery driver uses it too.



Some people like to use it to discard their unwanted rubbish.


Chamberlain Avenue is nice, they recently had their road and pavements resurfaced, block paving installed around the trees in the path and the drains were unblocked and cleaned.


There’s no rubbish on the street in Chamberlain Avenue. Once I have negotiated the carcasses of sofas, the pile of old flooring and the discarded sandwich I can but only envy the people of Chamberlain Avenue. At least for now….

Learning Frailing Banjo Week 31

This late October warm spell encouraged us to take the instruments out down to the canal. We’re staying in Northamptonshire for a few days and are really close to the Grand Union Canal. We sat down last Sunday afternoon in Long Buckby Wharf at the start of the Leicester Arm and practised a few of the English folk tunes in our repertoire: Speed The Plough, Morpeth Rant, Winster Gallop and Rattlin’ Bog.