Who? Me? When? Now? But what about….?

“…the Earth was feverous and did shake.”

“It’s 04.18. I’ve just been woken by a bump in the night. Actually, it was an earthquake. Where am I? Somewhere with volcanoes or big mountains by tectonic plate edges? Nope. I’m in Surrey, England.” – Neil Scotton


“This is the real threat – the multitude of informed people, coaches and others, who stand on the sidelines observing, discomfited and apprehensive, yet somehow persistently passive, disengaged, risk averse and largely disengaged. Who? Me. When? Now. What? You decide. A great time for folk who want ‘to live while they are alive.’”- Mac Macartney

Sunset Over Freshwater West

The sand dunes of Freshwater West in Pembrokeshire are so extensive they’ve built a road through them. This was a little mind-blowing.

This is a short video of the road and the setting sun as we drove back out from the coast. The backing track is an early version of ‘Something’s Changing’:

#visitwales #pembrokeshire #ponyfolk


‘Millie’ is a composite of a story. D had been volunteering at a pony rescue and was telling me about a pony named Millie. This particular pony was nearly blind and would have to hold her head sideways to take a look at you. It felt quite a frustration for her but she was now living peacefully in the sanctuary. Other ponies had other stories, like from the time the farming subsidies rules changed and having ponies on a farm became a cost not a profit. The sanctuaries were working overtime driving across Wales and filling horse boxes with ponies to save them from the slaughter. These words, these stories melded together with an assignment from the Song Writers course I was studying on FutureLearn which involved writing about ‘our town’.