An English City Garden

Spring rises from the frozen ashes of the winter, a green haze begins to appear on the bushes and trees, the council have collected the fly-tipping and the little birds continue to visit us.


Yet the trees on Chamberlain Avenue still await their fate. I can only imagine an Ent has been turned by the council and has been quietly herding the trees into their cage to await their fate. I hope they survive as a feature for the new development but the recent reports of the netting of hedgerows and trees and even the sandbanks of Norfolk suggest the council and developers may not have nature’s best interests at heart.

2019-03-30 17.59.47.jpg


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Hand-Feeding Robins

Over the last couple of months, on our morning dog walk, we slowly became aware of the robin by the churchyard and patiently developed a two way relationship with him – we provide food and he sings for us.

Jon Young talks of the cords of connection between us and nature, if we notice nature we create a thread and the more we notice and pay attention to nature the thicker the thread. We watch the robin and the robin watches us and the thread becomes a cord and the cord becomes a rope and we are growing a strong nature connection. And the best part is coming home and sharing the story with you.